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2016 MLB Draft: Red Sox select C.J. Chatham 51st overall

The Red Sox drafted an intriguing player with their second and final selection of the day.

The Red Sox have made their second — and final — pick of the first night of the 2016 MLB Draft. After going with a high school lefty in the first round at 12th overall, Boston chose a 22-year-old shortstop, C.J. Chatham, in the second at 51.

Chatham might not stick at short in the long run, but his arm is supposed to be legit, and he has the "instincts" for the middle infield, according to Baseball America. This seems like a bat with doubles power, but one that can make contact. And if he can play second base well defensively with his arm and those instincts, then that’s a player.

The slot value for the 51st pick is $1,232,800, and this is the last pick in which the slot value exceeds $1 million for the Sox. In fact, their second-round pick is worth almost twice as much as their third, and since Chatham was selected 51st but ranked 101 on Baseball America’s top-500 draft prospects list, it’s possible he's an under-slot guy selected to help pay for some of first-round pick Jason Groome’s bonus.

That doesn’t mean Chatham is just some rando that Boston selected, though. There is a prospect here -- one of the top-100 or so available, even, and one expected to be picked within the first three rounds even before Boston had budgetary considerations to deal with. Baseball America has more:

His swing can be long but there's leverage in his swing and solid-average power, if not a tick more. He's got a knack for making contact and some grit, having played through a bone chip in his right wrist this spring that caused him to get off to a slow start. Chatham's defense is the subject of debate, as he's tall and rangy for a shortstop at a listed 6-foot-4, 185 pounds. However, he has a true plus arm, solid instincts and feel for the middle infield. He may have to move off it eventually, bu his first-step quickness, game clock and aptitude may allow him to stick at short, at least in the near-term.

That's it for the draft on day one. Day two features rounds three through 10, with the Red Sox’ first selection of the day coming at 88, 10 picks into the day.