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2016 MLB Draft: Keith Law's final mock has Red Sox landing Zack Collins

We've heard this one before: Zack Collins is the likely pick for the Red Sox at #12.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law has mocked his last mock for 2016, and the result is a familiar one, with the Red Sox taking Miami catcher Zack Collins at 12th overall.

If there's one name that the Red Sox seem to be unavoidably tied to in 2016, it's Collins. Baseball America has linked him to Boston, Law has mentioned him as a possibility, and Jim Callis expects they'll pick him, too, if he's actually still available at that point.

But will he be? The answer seems to be resounding "who knows?" Callis, at least, seems to think Collins only needs to make it past Milwaukee at #5 to make it down to the Red Sox, while Mayo has him going 11th to the Mariners and Baseball America sees him as a potential target of the White Sox at number 10.

It feels like we've been over and over Collins' merits here, so I'll just point you to this bit again where we first covered him as a Red Sox target. But suffice it to say he's a big enough bat to be worthwhile at any position with some chance to stay behind the plate, where he could be a rare commodity indeed.

Of some note, Law does also mention that the Red Sox have "cooled" on Nolan Jones, who the folks also had going later in the draft. Seems like a pretty good sign that he is, indeed, not nearly so high on their list. He also says the Sox could go with Matt Thaiss, who was chosen as their pick by Jonathan Mayo, but Law seems to have them pegged for Collins first, which makes sense, since he just seems the better player.