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Daily Red Sox Links: Mookie Betts, Clay Buchholz, Jackie Bradley

Today's links look at locking up Betts and Bogaerts, the possibility of an early trade, and the value of future utility players.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

How has Mookie Betts been able to harness all of this sudden power? (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

Regardless of how they've gotten this good, the Red Sox need to start trying to lock up Betts and Xander Bogaerts. (Scott Lauber; ESPN Boston)

There is a lack of depth at the back of the rotation, but don't expect trades to start coming now. (Rob Bradford; WEEI)

After Joe Kelly's demotion, Clay Buchholz's time in the bullpen may be short-lived. (Jen McCaffrey; Masslive)

To his credit, Buchholz says he doesn't care what his role is. (Jason Mastrodonato; Boston Herald)

Although they don't get the headlines, high-floor, low-ceiling prospects carry value too. (Matt Collins; BP Boston)

Jackie Bradley just had a daughter, and he also just won a major award. (Cash Kruth;