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Jackie Bradley Jr. wins American League Player of the Month, has baby girl

It's a pretty good day for JBJ.

Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

For most players, winning the American League Player of the Month award would be something memorable. For some, it's a career-topping achievement. For others, just one of many feathers in the cap of a Hall of Fame career.

For Jackie Bradley Jr.? It's an afterthought at best, because June 2nd, 2016 is both the date of his first such award, and the birthday of his daughter and first child. That's a pretty good day, and the award barely moves the needle at all.

Jackie and his wife, Erin, chose not to learn the baby's gender until birth, but it is worth pointing out that Jackie is a unisex name, so the chance for a Jackie Bradley III remains even in the light of her being a girl. At the very least it's probably safe to say the new parents didn't go with John Farrell's suggestion of 'Mookie'.

Be it Jackie or Jacqueline or nothing of the sort, though, congratulations are in order for Jackie and Erin. He'll be back in uniform when the Red Sox return to Boston tomorrow with, I'm sure, pictures to show around the clubhouse.