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Game 64: Red Sox vs. Orioles

Would be really, really nice to win this one, not gonna lie. It's impossible to talk about "must win" games at this point in the year, especially when you're nearly ten games over .500. The Red Sox are not in such dire straits as some would make them out to be, even if the trend hasn't been great for the past month.

But there are certainly games which seem to come with some added weight, and this is one of them. And if this is one of them, and the Red Sox happen to take it, then tomorrow's will be as well. Since winning that first series against the Jays back in early April, the Red Sox are 0-3-2 in the five series they've had against Toronto and Baltimore. They need to actually win one before they head into this long stretch without seeing either of them, as much to show they're capable of doing so as for the impact it will have on the standings.

Whether they win today and tomorrow or not likely won't cause them to suddenly surge ahead or fall into a tailspin. But it does have the feel of a set of games that can break the Red Sox from the .500 doldrums they've been in for so long now, or leave them mired just as deep as ever.

So with that in mind...

Go Sox!