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2016 MLB Draft results: Reviewing day 2 of the Red Sox draft

The Red Sox made eight picks on day two. How’d they do?

The Red Sox made eight picks on the second day of the MLB Draft and while a few of them were selected almost specifically for the purpose of making it easier to pay first-round selection Jason Groome, there are intriguing players here the Red Sox have the potential to sign over the coming weeks.

Round 3: Shaun Anderson, RHP

Anderson was the closer for the Florida Gators, but not through any fault of his own. The rotation just happened to be full, so despite having four pitches and the ability to throw strikes with them, Anderson served as the team’s closer. He would have started for most college programs in the country, and will get the chance to prove that's the case with the Red Sox.

Red Sox select Shaun Anderson 88th overall

Round 4: Bobby Dalbec, 3B

Dalbec is all about power and the downsides that come with it, too. He led the Cape Cod League in homers with 14, and can hit a ball just about out of anywhere. He has to make contact first, however, and that’s been more of a problem. He might have a little bit of a career backup plan given he was a successful reliever in college, but it also seemed kind of obvious someone would attempt to draft him for what his bat might represent, so it's unclear just what kind of pitcher he would be if it ever came to that.

Red Sox select Bobby Dalbec 118th overall

Round 5: Mike Shawaryn, RHP

Shawaryn was drafted by the Royals in the 32nd round back in 2013, and after setting Maryland records for both wins and strikeouts, was drafted much earlier this time around. He briefly lost his gig as the team's Friday starter after his velocity dipped into the 80s, but he's back working 90-94, and will get a chance to prove he’s a starter in the pros.

Red Sox select Mike Shawaryn 148th overall

Round 6: Steve Nogosek, RHP

Is he a starter or a reliever? Baseball America thinks he could start, but the rest of the prospect world isn’t so sure. That’s not a bad risk to take in the sixth round, at least, especially if the Sox can figure out what would make him an even more effective reliever than what he was for Oregon already.

Red Sox select Steve Nogosek 178th overall

Round 7: Ryan Scott, LF

This was Boston's first super obvious attempt at going under-slot to help pay for Jason Groome, and it came in the form of the bat-only college senior, Ryan Scott. Scott hit a whole lot for University of Arkansas Little Rock, but seniors who can hit are not a rarity. We’ll have to see how he does after heading to the pros, but even if it turns out he’s not a prospect, he’ll still have helped Boston secure the best one they drafted.

Red Sox select Ryan Scott 208th overall

Round 8: Alan Marrero, C

Marrero is a defense-first catcher out of Puerto Rico, but he has "promise" at the plate according to Baseball America. He still only just made it into the top-500 pre-draft prospects list put out by BA, but hey — there are about 700 players who are going to get drafted who didn't, and most of them didn't start out with Marrero’s strong defensive base.

Red Sox select Alan Marrero 238th overall

Round 9: Matt McLean, OF

McLean was Boston's next obvious under-slot, as even the MLB analysts had no idea who he was when he was selected, and quickly moved on to the next player in line. He’s another senior here to help pay for Groome, but these players can surprise sometimes: both Mike Augliera and Kyle Kraus were drafted for budgetary purposes -- especially Kraus — and they both made it to Triple-A. Maybe McLean can surprise in a similar fashion.

Red Sox select Matt McLean 268th overall

Round 10: Santiago Espinal, SS

Espinal was Boston’s first junior college pick of the draft, and he profiles as a kind of typical bench infielder. Speed, contact, defense, and no power. He was ranked 409th on Baseball America’s top-500, so he is a draft prospect and not just some random player, but he obviously has a lot to work on if he’s to move up the ladder.

Red Sox select Santiago Espinal 298th overall

* * *

That’s it for day two. We’re in the middle of day three as of this writing, and we’ll continue to wrap-up Boston’s work in the draft as the day goes on.