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2016 MLB Draft results: Red Sox select Steve Nogosek 178th overall

The Red Sox drafted Oregon closer Steve Nogosek with the 178th pick in the 2016 draft.

The Red Sox' run on college juniors continues, as their sixth-round pick landed right-handed reliever Steve Nogosek out of Oregon.

Where Nogosek should land really depends on who you ask, and in turn, their view on him as a starter.

For Baseball America, they see the rotation as a realistic outcome for the 6-foot-1 Nogosek, citing his athleticism (he was a quarterback in high school who set rushing records) and "competitiveness." He does potentially have three pitches with a fastball - slider - changeup mix (BA references a "plus curveball", but and Nogosek's own coach only cite the slider), but it's really only the first two that draw real attention, with the fastball hitting the mid-90s and the slider a solid option for an out pitch.

For others, though, Nogosek is a reliever, and not a closer, either, though that's how he's been used in college. At the very least, though, Nogosek is a fairly clean and polished prospect in the bullpen, particularly after a 2016 season where he showed dramatically improved command. If he stays in the bullpen, he might have a fast path to the majors. If he doesn't, the Red Sox might have to look into breaking him down and rebuilding him some.