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Game 28: Red Sox vs. White Sox

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Take this early game thread in lieu of a lineup post, because the Red Sox just don't know what the heck they're doing tonight.

Hanley Ramirez? He's probably in after missing out yesterday with an illness. Jackie Bradley Jr.? He's a game-time decision thanks to the finger injury he sustained during last night's game.

Everyone else should be more-or-less paint by numbers. With the right-handed Erik Johnson on the mound for Chicago, Brock Holt should be back in the lineup. Chris Young will miss out...unless Bradley does, in which case he'll be in left with Holt in right.

It's kind of a mess right now, which isn't quite what you want ahead of what is a pretty big game, all things considered. A Red Sox win tonight is a series win over the AL's strongest team to this point in the year, despite sending the worst portion of their rotation to the mound (ironically, if they do win tonight, it will make Wright the one loss, courtesy Quintana).

Whether that's realistic or not...well, Erik Johnson is a relatively inexperienced righty with a below-average career ERA+ making his first MLB start of the season. That's a good thing. He's facing Henry Owens. That is not. In fairness to Owens, his second start of the year was much more productive than the first, but came with all the same reasons for concern. He was just handled better behind the plate, and got a bit luckier with balls in play. Maybe the Sox can survive on that again, but they'd much prefer he just...y'know...pitch better.

So here's hoping.

Go Sox!