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2016 MLB draft: Red Sox picking Nolan Jones in Keith Law's latest mock

Keith Law's latest mock draft has the Red Sox taking high school infielder Nolan Jones

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Keith Law's latest mock draft has the Boston Red Sox selecting high school shortstop Nolan Jones with the 12th overall pick.

While Jones is currently at short, there seems to be little expectation that he'll stay there in the long term. He's already begun to add some mass onto his projectable 6'4" frame, which is translating to some very real power at the plate, but will also likely see him to third base by the time he's fully fleshed out. He brings one of the quickest bats in the draft class to the table to go with that power, though, and is expected to provide enough offense to be able to play anywhere.

For the Red Sox, Jones would be a divergence from the college talent we've heard they're after, but Law is not simply basing this off of "best talent available" and organizational info--he's heard them linked to Jones often enough, though he also mentions they're in on a number of the players he has going in the first eleven picks, as well as Miami catcher Zack Collins, who has come up before.

Still, if Boston's organizational philosophies might push them in one direction or the other, at the end of the day the best talent available will be a pretty big factor in who they take. Nolan Jones, for his part, seems like the kind of player who might well fit that bill when 12 comes around. He'll be a long ways away from the majors, but that's no great issue for a Red Sox team with a strong system and plenty of resources. They shouldn't be in the practice of planning around windows of contention, or aiming to fill positions of need with draft picks. Value is king.