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Keith Law ranks four Red Sox prospects in revised top-25

Just because it's May and the Red Sox are 10 games over .500 doesn't mean we don't have time for prospect rankings anymore.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

We're nearly two months into the season, which is when Kieth Law likes to go back to his pre-season prospects rankings and make some revisions. Said revisions look very, very nice for the Red Sox, who have placed four prospects in his top-25.

This actually isn't much of a development, at least for two of the prospects so ranked. Rafael Devers' place at number five will be what jumps out to most people, particularly after his very slow start to the season. But this is actually just Law maintaining the status quo with the young third baseman. He was higher on Devers than anyone else coming into the season, ranking him seventh overall, and the only reason he's moved up is because the top two from before the season in Corey Seager and Byron Buxton have lost eligibility. It's perhaps noteworthy that Law hasn't soured on Devers after his rough stretch, but that's only sensible given that, as Law remarks, Devers is still younger than his #9 prospect in Brendan Rodgers, and playing a more advanced level than him.

Yoan Moncada, too, stays in a similar position to his pre-season ranking, coming in at 12th, up five spots from 17th. Moncada's been about as hot as Devers has been cold to start the year, but that's kind of just what's expected of him, though Law notes the stolen bases (he's up to 30 in 36 attempts) are a nice surprise. The real test for him will come in Double-A which, y'know, any day now...

The bigger movement has come from Anderson Espinoza and, above all, Andrew Benintendi. Espinoza has also not had the cleanest start to his season, but gets bumped up from 38th to 22nd, getting the well-deserved free pass for being the youngest pitcher in his league. Andrew Benintendi, of course, needs no excuses to be made at all. He absolutely demolished Salem, and for that, has been bumped up into elite territory, jumping from 18th to 6th. Though, as Law notes on Benintendi's promotion to Portland: "He has gone 2-for-15 with 5 K's there and is officially a bust."

So for those keeping score, that's 5th, 6th, 12th, and 22nd for the Boston Red Sox farm system. The term "embarrassment of riches" comes to mind.