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Game 35: Red Sox vs. Astros

Dear David Price,

I do not come to you asking for a great deal today.

I've heard of your delivery fix. I hope it works, I really do. I've also seen your peripherals, and I know that even if you have not been yourself for the first month or so, that you are not entirely to blame for this 6.75 ERA. That even with the delivery problem--or whatever else it is that's ailed you--your true level these past weeks has likely been much closer to the middle-of-the-road than the ditch you've fallen into.

I would like to see dominance. I would like from here-on-out to get a Price dealing with neither bad luck nor mechanical issues nor any other disruption that just doesn't come to mind at the moment.

I would accept solidness. Just don't implode. Six innings, three runs? That'd be reasonable work against this lineup. Maybe the luck is involved, even.

But I just want a reason to believe you're headed in the right direction. And a reason to believe that making the trip with the team to Kansas City would be a better use of your time and the team's energy than staying in Boston while the entire kinesiology department at Mass Gen. makes you their priority.

So please, David Price, go out there and win one. Give us that reason to believe.