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Game 4: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

Joe Kelly's start last night sucked. Not the game, mind, just the start. But it wasn't really all that concerning, at least to me. Regulars around these parts (and who else hangs out in game threads?) will know that I (and Marc, and some of the other writers) have generally been of the mind that Joe Kelly is not much of a starter. You'll also know that there's the expectation that this rotation will suffer a bit of attrition over the course of the year, and that the Red Sox are really only expecting to finish the year with a few of the guys they start the season with.

Joe Kelly? I did not expect him to be one of those guys. And while one start does not a season end, the confirmation bias is both immense and, given the year gone by...not entirely without justification, if you ask me.

Rick Porcello? He's firmly in the maybe camp. Him and Buchholz, frankly. The Red Sox would be very happy to have both succeed and see this thing through to the end. But it's not likely, and what they really need is for one to be good.

Today, Porcello tries to be that guy, and the Red Sox certainly hope he will be, seeing as how his extension is just now kicking in. Hopefully we won't need 8 runs to have a chance in this one.


Mookie Betts, RF Kevin Pillar, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B Josh Donaldson, DH
Xander Bogaerts, SS Jose Bautista, RF
Travis Shaw, 1B Edwin Encarnacion, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, DH Troy Tulowitzki, SS
Pablo Sandoval, 3B Ezequiel Carrera, LF
Brock Holt, LF Ryan Goins, 2B
Rusney Castillo, CF Darwin Barney, 3B
Blake Swihart, C Josh Thole, C
Starting Pitcher -- Rick Porcello Starting Pitcher -- RA Dickey

Go Sox!