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Game 3: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

I gotta say, this 1 game per 2 days thing? It'd be appreciated a lot more late in the season when we're all kinda thinking that maybe 162 game is just a bit much rather than at the very beginning when we've spent six months away and the idea of a game cancelled due to rain is poisonous.

Oh mother nature, you just don't care at all, do you?


Mookie Betts, RF Kevin Pillar, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B Josh Donaldson, DH
Xander Bogaerts, SS Jose Bautista, RF
David Ortiz, DH Edwin Encarnacion, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, 1B Troy Tulowitzki, SS
Travis Shaw, 3B Michael Saunders, LF
Brock Holt, LF Russell Martin, C
Ryan Hanigan, C Ryan Goins, 2B
Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Darwin Barney, 3B
Starting Pitcher -- Joe Kelly Starting Pitcher -- Marcus Stroman

Bad news: Kelly vs Stroman is...yuck.

Good news: Kelly vs Stroman is the sort of matchup which makes a win great, and a loss one of those ones you kinda just live with.

But screw that. Win the game please. Go Sox!