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Watch Mookie Betts hit the 1st Red Sox homer of 2016

The Sox have gone deep thanks to Mookie

The Red Sox have their first runs and first home run of the season, and they can thank Mookie Betts for both. Betts is likely Boston's best player, even now at just the start of his second-full season, so it's fitting that he would be the first one to go deep in the 2016 season.

And if you prefer your dingers in looping gif form:

Corey Kluber gave up the bomb, despite being Corey Kluber and despite the fact it's only 34 degrees at Progressive Field in Cleveland. There's just too much bat speed there to always get away with going inside on him, and Betts made Kluber pay for testing him.

Of course, Kluber also struck Betts out the first time they faced off, so let's not get carried away with his invulnerability yet. That being said: hey, a Red Sox homer in a game that counts! Hit by Mookie Betts! Baseball's back, y'all.