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Red Sox Opening Day postponed

Mother nature is cruel. Opening Day will have to wait for tomorrow.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Well, so much for that.

Opening Day, 2016 has been postponed for the Red Sox. Yes, the forecast says there's little-to-nothing in the way of precipitation coming up, though Cleveland has apparently been receiving a steady diet of snow and/or rain for much of the morning. Maybe the field isn't in the right condition, or maybe it's just too cold--though there's little enough hope for that changing by this time tomorrow.

So no Opening Day for us today. We'll get it tomorrow, though, starting at 1:10, with no real chance for rain to ruin our day again...though that's kind of what the forecasts said for today. And still say.

On the bright side, this means no torturous day off after Opening Day. And this is the reason they have that thing to begin with. But that doesn't make it any easier to stomach right now.

We waited six months for this. And yet, somehow, this one last day stands to be as long as the rest put together.