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Mike Napoli saved Red Sox players from the Cleveland snow

How much snow is there in Cleveland right now what is going on

It is snowing in Cleveland, where the Red Sox are expected to play their 2016 season opener on Monday afternoon. It might not be snowing by the time you read this, but it certainly was earlier in the day when former Red Sox first baseman and owner of a championship-caliber beard, Mike Napoli, had to pull some old teammates from out of the snow.

This raises just a few questions. Who were the Red Sox players who got a ride from Napoli? Why did these players need to get a ride from Napoli? Wasn't there some kind of team transportation available to shield them all from the elements, especially since this is a game being played in the 30s by a team who just spent the last six weeks in Florida?

How many players piled into his truck because you know Napoli absolutely owns a ridiculous pickup truck and he is driving it around Cleveland? How many of those players rode in the bed of the truck still getting snowed on, now at higher speeds? Did their car break down? Did they just assume they got this when they, in fact, did not got this?

[Looks left, looks right] Is Mike Napoli a sleeper agent sent to the Indians to assist the Red Sox from the inside in their hunt for a possible wild card spot, and that's why he was willing to help today's opponents shake off the cold? No, probably not, but you have to ask these kinds of questions so we're ready for when this scenario does play out elsewhere.