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Game 14: Red Sox vs. Rays

Lose 3, win 3, lose 3.

On the bright side, if this trend is real, the Red Sox are in fine shape for the next few days.

On the other hand, that's not really how it works, and even if it were, the Red Sox aren't aiming for something between 80 and 83 wins.

Come the hell on, Red Sox. Win games. Win games and don't just stop winning games because you've got a few under your belt. Callous though it may be to say, we're on the verge of real progress in the rotation with Joe Kelly on the sidelines. We even have some positive performances from Clay Buchholz and--

Well, Rick Porcello? We'll see. A good start here, free from the burden of facing Joey f'in Bats and E5 would go a long way.

Go Sox! Just win.