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Red Sox won't know if Pablo Sandoval needs surgery for weeks

Pablo Sandoval's shoulder is too injured for Dr. James Andrews to even perform a proper examination.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Dr. James Andrews' second opinion on Pablo Sandoval's shoulder will have to wait at least another couple of weeks, as the renowned orthopedic surgeon was unable to complete a full examination on the third baseman due to Sandoval's continuing swelling and soreness.

This is what you might call a bad sign, at least if you're particularly invested in Pablo Sandoval's physical condition. There's being too hurt to play baseball at a high level, and then there's being too hurt to even be properly examined.

Yes, as much as Sandoval has drawn the ire of Red Sox fans for offenses A-through-F, he seems to be in legitimate pain right now, and when it's bad enough to keep even the doctors from getting a good feel for what's going on, it's hard to imagine it's going to be the sort of short-term problem that just vanishes given a few nights off.

For now, Sandoval has received a cortisone injection for his shoulder to try to get him through the next couple weeks before he makes the trip to see Dr. Andrews in Florida. The Sox, for their part, are certainly in no rush to get him back with Travis Shaw excelling at the hot corner. Eventually, the Sox are going to reach a point where they have to make a decision. But that point is at least two weeks down the line, and given how things look for Sandoval right now, probably a good bit further than that.