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Game 10: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

Alright, we got all hyped up for David Price to pitch at the start of the week. "Yeah we lost the last game against the Jays, but we've got Price going on Monday! 4-2 here we come!"

It didn't work out that way, obviously. And it didn't because of Price.

Nobody's perfect, but a second letdown? That just wouldn't be cool, David. Not so soon after the first. Take a few months, dominate a few teams, win some games. Start with this one. Beat the Jays, and keep the Sox above .500. We've got some...less-than-impressive guys in this rotation. You need to be the bulwark against them.


Mookie Betts, RF Kevin Pillar, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B Josh Donaldson, 3B
Xander Bogaerts, SS Jose Bautista, RF
David Ortiz, DH Edwin Encarnacion, DH
Hanley Ramirez, 1B Troy Tulowitzki, SS
Travis Shaw, 3B Chris Colabello, 1B
Brock Holt, LF Russell Martin, C
Christian Vazquez, C Darwin Barney, 2B
Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Ezequiel Carrera, LF
Starting Pitcher -- David Price Starting Pitcher -- Marco Estrada

Go Price! Go Sox!