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Dave Dombrowski fields trade call, but says nothing likely before Opening Day

Rumors abound and Dombrowski has fielded at least one call. But with days to go before the season begins, no moves are likely for the Red Sox.

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The Red Sox have been embroiled in an unusual number of trade rumors as spring training comes to a close, with both the Indians and the Padres named as showing an interest in various parts of their roster. And now Dave Dombrowski himself has acknowledged to the Globe that he fielded a call for a trade Monday night, but doesn't anticipate anything getting done by Opening Day:

Any chance of a Sox trade at the end of camp?

"I would say barely," answered Dombrowski. "It's like those end-of-the-spring talks that you have with a lot of clubs as rosters thin out.

"I would be surprised if we make any trades, but I'm never shocked at the end because all of a sudden somebody by staying in touch — somebody doesn't make a club and you think they can help yours.

"But we don't have anything we're on the verge of doing."

"Those end-of-spring talks" Dombrowski is referring to are the ones necessitated by players with a lack of options, of which the Red Sox do have a few. With no roster spots open and no ability to send the player in question to the minors, teams are often looking to unload guys who just missed out so that they get something back even if it's just a player to be named later or a bit of cash.

There's no indication from Dombrowski, however, of if that's the sort of deal he was pitched on Monday. And given all the smoke around Sandoval and the outfielders, it's entirely possible that this was not the typical run-of-the-mill fifth outfielder/journeyman reliever offer.

Regardless of who was in the mix, it's no surprise that Dombrowski doesn't see anything getting done in the last days leading up to Opening Day, as there may be no harder time to get a serious deal done with so little time to react and adjust to the change. The Red Sox may not be 100% happy with their current roster, but barring sudden injuries or off-the-field concerns, nothing that happens in March should be enough to push a GM to make a trade given how notoriously unreliable spring training performances are.

That's not to say that the Red Sox wouldn't give up Pablo Sandoval if someone came along and offered to take him. But this is the real world where other team's GMs are rational actors (especially since our current first base coach changed jobs), and that's not happening. Any trade for Sandoval would presumably involve the Red Sox eating a huge amount of money or taking on a bad contract in return, and it's pretty hard to find a contract that at once looks that bad and also has as much of a chance to bounce back as Sandoval given his age, even if that chance still isn't enough to be comfortable with.

That leaves only those minor deals, and right now, there's not much reason for the Red Sox to make one. They've got their roster set at 25, and the guys who just barely made it aren't the types to be displaced by some other team's about-to-be-DFA'd 26th man. Chances are, what we see now is what we'll get for at least the first few weeks of the season.Rumors abound and Dombrowski has fielded at least one call. But with days to go before the season begins, no moves are likely for the Red Sox.