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Allen Craig, Deven Marrero among Red Sox roster cuts, roster down to 26

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Allen Craig and Deven Marrero headline the latest group of players headed to minor league camp.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The latest round of cuts are in for the Red Sox, with Allen Craig, Deven Marrero, Josh Rutledge, Brennan Boesch, Dan Butler, Sandy Leon, and Anthony Varvaro all sent to the minors. With the team making a number of DL moves at the same time, and David Murphy almost certain to head elsewhere, the roster is just one cut away from completion.

There are no surprises to be found here, though there are some names of significance. Allen Craig still has some of that built in just by virtue of the stature he held before the downward spiral that saw him first traded to Boston, then designated for assignment. Deven Marrero was probably the one closest to making the roster, but the Red Sox bench has largely been set since camp began, with Travis Shaw, Ryan Hanigan, Chris Young, and Brock Holt virtual locks.

Anthony Varvaro is perhaps the most interesting of the rest. It was just two years ago that he was coming off his second straight season of sub-3.00 ERA relief work for the Atlanta Braves, only to be effectively jettisoned to the Boston Red Sox nearly free of charge.

It wasn't a month into the 2015 seaosn, however, that the Red Sox designated him for assignment in turn, only to have him sent back from the Cubs when they discovered he had a torn flexor tendon which sidelined him for the rest of the year. He returned to Boston on a minor league contract this offseason, and can choose to opt-out now that it's clear he won't be breaking camp with the team. Even if he chooses to stay on, he'll have another chance to opt-out later in the year if he's still in the minors.

Rutledge, Butler, Leon, and Boesch are solidly in the minor league depth category. More specifically, they're the sort of depth you hope never to see on the field in Fenway Park given that, aside from maybe Boesch (who is himself out with a fractured wrist), there's at least one other depth player in Pawtucket between each of them and even a bench spot in Boston. Good to have around should the worst come to pass, but ideally the worst will stay in 2015 and 2014 and leave us all alone in 2016.

The Red Sox also announced that they have released Carlos Marmol. The former All-Star reliever's comeback attempt was not promising, with seven walks and three runs allowed in just four innings of work this spring.