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The week on Red Sox Twitter: Good dogs and bad news

Aw, crap, Craig Sager.

Red Sox

Give me the bad news first

This is sad. Craig Sager has been given a 3-to-6 month prognosis -- albeit one that doesn't account for the aggressive treatment he's undergoing for leukemia. It's hard to think about two guys more well-liked around sports than the ones in that picture, which is why that picture makes perfect sense even though those two guys have no real reason to hang out. They are the people that Get It, and they correspond accordingly, hopefully for a great deal longer.

Continue with the bad news

I don't want to belabor the sadness, but I'll say that the whole reason I started this column was to learn about the Sox in ways that I wouldn't have otherwise. In the interest of expediency I'll just say that via his Twitter posts alone, Matt Barnes seems like a smart and fundamentally good guy, pretty much the exact opposite of his NBA namesake.

To the lighthearted stuff!

Lefties are freaks of nature and should not be trusted. OBAMA's a lefty. QED. (So is my wife. Oops.)

This makes no sense

I mean, I haven't seen the movie, but good ending? Ross is the most overtly Christian player on the team, but it's still a stretch.


#NationalPuppyDay here's my Apollo #XLbully

A photo posted by Blake Swihart (@blakeswihart_1) on

LOOK AT THOSE DOGGIES. All good dogs are equally great, so no one loses here, but Blake wins on puppy points.


That's right: You're a bandwagon Middle Tennessee fan and you know it. You really like the Vols. That's what I make of this tweet, at least. Joke's on you, Bryce: I don't give a shizz about the tournament. I just want you to hit baseballs far.

Hit them far, please.

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