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Here is the World Series logo the Red Sox will base their next championship rings on

You heard it here first!

The 2016 World Series now has a logo, and it sure is forgettable. Well, at least until it's on all that sweet, sweet Red Sox 2016 World Series champions merchandise, anyway.

Hey, it's still spring training: this is a time for optimism! Or did you already forget that the World Series-winning team in 2015 was not only the Kansas City Royals, but the Kansas City Royals featuring Edinson Volquez?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Ugh, who are we kidding? It's an even year. The Giants are going to win this thing. Where's that 2017 logo at? Maybe that one will have two flags in it, and then we'll know it's Boston's year for sure. Did you not know this is a thing? It is definitely a thing.