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Daily Red Sox Links: Clay Buchholz, David Price, Chris Young

Today's links look at the impact of a "true ace," the importance of mental makeup for a prospect, and how every team in the league was built.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Clay Buchholz has famously not been able to stay healthy for a full season. He's changed his offseason regimen to change this trend. (Rob Bradford; WEEI)

Buchholz will have David Price in front of him this year, and John Farrell acknowledged how big of a difference that can make. (John Farrell; Boston Herald)

We've seen a different approach this year from Dave Dombrowski compared to the previous regime. How different will his in-season team management be? (Sean McAdam; CSN New England)

While tools dominate the discussion around prospects, their mental makeup is just as important. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

What kind of impact can Chris Young make as the team's new fourth outfielder? (Ryan P. Morrison; BP Boston)

August Fagerstrom has a really interesting look at how every team in the league was built. (August Fagerstrom; Fangraphs)

Jonny Gomes was tired of waiting for major-league teams to contact him, so he signed with a team in Japan. (Ken Rosenthal; Fox Sports)