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Dave Dombrowski's Red Sox deal is for five years

Well, now we know, I guess?

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

A small bit of unexpected news out of spring training today, as Dave Dombrowski revealed his deal with the Red Sox is good for five years.

How does this just come up in conversation? Apparently John Farrell was asked whether or not the Red Sox felt a "sense of urgency," and Dombrowski chipped in that even he feels urgent, despite his five-year deal. That feels like a pretty natural way for the news to break to me--he's not pointedly dropping this information for any reason--but it's something we didn't know before, and now we do.

It's also not terribly surprising to hear that the Sox had to lock him in for a while. Dombrowski was set to be one of the more in-demand front-office talents come the offseason if the Red Sox hadn't snapped him up when they did. And if everything goes horribly wrong, well, the Red Sox are just down some money, and not the sort of money that's likely to significantly impact the roster.

At the very least, though, Dombrowski seems to be off to a nice start. Hopefully we don't hear about the length of his deal again until ownership is giving him an extension in 2018 or something.