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The week on Red Sox Twitter: Who is letting Mookie Betts near vehicles?

Your author brings you the week's best tweets from a sick bed.

Ugh. Let's get to it.

The Red Sox account goes crazy

Lots of great tweets from @RedSox these days, but my favorite is this one. After last week, how do they let Mookie in a vehicle of any kind?

Just keep crunching

This week wasn't the best one for Papi, but he did tweet about tortilla chips from his Big Papi's Kitchen account.

Somebody help Matt Barnes

I use AppleTV, but what do I know?

Chris Young: The Ringer

Keep talking like this and Simmons will get you hired, quick.

That's enough for today

Let's leave with Ortiz being ridiculous.

Compiled by a miserable @bryanjoiner.