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The week on Red Sox Twitter: The curious case of the sunken golf cart

Mookie Betts can't stay dry, and more from around the Twitters this week.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As always, these are tweets from the Red Sox universe over the last week.

Mookie 'drove' a golf cart into a lake

This is magical #content, and I will let it speak for itself, after again noting how magical is:

Presidents Day memories

Next year, it'll be with President Pedro Martinez, him being No. 45 and all.

Papi's first homer

His dad kept the ball and brought it out for him. This is cool:

Baby alert!

Joe Kelly's up to Great Stuff, as usual:

Also he tweets about Kobe

I like Kelly. He's weird.

But does he like to get wet?

Chris Young has a doppelganger:

I am a sucker for history stuff

RFK at Fenway for the JFK Memorial Game.

The big finish

Holy crap! It's baseball!