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Mookie Betts just drove a golf cart into a lake

This is a thing that actually happened.

Alright, there's really no great way to lead into this, so let's just get it out there: Mookie Betts just drove a golf cart into what I can only assume is a water trap at a golf course. If not that, a lake, or pond, or something like that.

No, seriously.

How do we know that vague shape in the water is a golf cart? Because Travis Shaw was there!

But really, how does that happen? That's not just a little sunk. That thing is way in there. From what I can tell, the angle doesn't even really make sense based on where the picture was taken from.

I legitimately cannot fathom how this occurred.

Good news, though: this isn't an injury post! Per Shaw, nobody got hurt in the process of sinking this golf cart.

Typically teams would really rather their players avoid risky activity in the offseason. But usually you wouldn't think of "golf" as fitting the bill. Maybe when it comes to Mookie, though, the Sox should consider adding it to the list.

That and driving. How does he get to Fenway Park, exactly? Red Sox fans beware.