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The week on Red Sox Twitter: The Sox get pulled into weird Cubs/Yankees beef

Maybe the Cubs shouldn't tweet?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As always, these are real tweets from the Red Sox universe this week.

Settle down, Beavis

The Cubs are the betting favorites to win the World Series this season, which, as the Nationals will tell you, doesn't mean squat. That didn't stop the Cubs Twitter team from inadvertently going after the biggest mofo on the block, with predictable results:

How does this involve the Red Sox? Well, perhaps riled up from the exchange, the Yankees came after their old nemesis for no reason whatsoever:

Nice slap of a post, guys. It's been a fun last 15 years, hasn't it?

Big Air at Fenway

The Fenway Park Twitter account has many, many more pics and videos up for this, but here are my two favorites:

Henry Owens: the best

Matt Barnes tried to get Lady Gaga's attention, and HONK was all over it.

Dogs will always make the list

I like Baloo, don't you?

Look who's hangin!

Former Red Sox announcer Don Orsillo hung with Dustin Pedroia, almost certainly to talk about golf.

Put it on the calendar

Shoot, just talk about dogs and you'll make the list.

The sad finish

If only, T-Shaw. Sigh.

Compiled by @bryanjoiner