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Pablo Sandoval could use a new nickname

He doesn’t look much like a Panda anymore

World Series - Detroit Tigers v San Francisco Giants - Game 2 Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Pablo Sandoval has been known as “Panda” for over eight years now, since leaping over a tag from Danny Ardoin. The whole nickname is “Kung Fu Panda,” referring of course to this guy here. The kung-fu part because Sandoval made a crazy acrobatic play, and panda because, well, he’s a big, goofy guy who looks like he shouldn’t be doing anything of the sort.

Or, at least, he was. Now this is Pablo Sandoval:

We’ve seen some impressive pictures of the newly slimmed-down Sandoval these past few months, but this is perhaps the most revealing and remarkable of the bunch. It’s to the point where, if he weren’t actively engaged in lifting heavy objects, I would be concerned for his health.

But if Sandoval looks remarkably good right now, he doesn’t look like much of a panda, Kung Fu or otherwise. I’m not saying we need to awkwardly force some ill-fitting branding scheme on him now, but man, it might be time to retire the “Kung Fu Panda” nickname. Hopefully for good.