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ALDS Game 1: Red Sox vs. Indians

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And here we go.

I’ve already gone on at some length about the importance of this game. Rarely is the first of any series quite so important, but at once the Sox have the chance to lock in the disadvantage the Indians’ injuries have left them facing, and the Indians have the chance to deal a heavy blow to morale and force the Red Sox to beat Kluber at least once.

Ultimately, nothing will be decided here. Down 1-0 is not a death sentence for either team. But it’s an unusually big deal when only one of the teams has their top starter on the mound while the other’s lies in wait, particularly in a shorter series like this.

On the much brighter side: all the Sox have to do is win a matchup they should. But being favored only gets you so far, particular in baseball where even the best teams lose dozens of games.

With that all said...

Go Sox!