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The Week on Red Sox Twitter: Hall of Fame, Making a Murderer, and Mookie's Moosehunting

It's the first of the WORST.

Does this man look like the winner of a moose lottery?
Does this man look like the winner of a moose lottery?
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of The Week in Red Sox Twitter, aka The Worst, a concept so simple there's no reason to explain it. To the tweets!

Hall Pass

First, we start with the Hall of Fame announcements, about which the team was mostly quiet. New outfielder Chris Young was an exception. He had Griffey's spikes as a kid:

But that was it. Maybe it was Netflix and chill?

Carson Smith Watches Making a Murderer

New middle relievers: They're just like us!

He understands the legal system:

He also appreciates your dedication to chaos:

And is just as worn out with the whole thing as you are:

I like this guy. (And yes, you do.)

Other Guys I Like Include Mookie Betts, Who Wants to Kill a Moose

Mookie Betts is as good at Twitter as he is at baseball, which is the only way to explain this random gem on the day after New Year's:

You've come to the right person, Mookie. I know how to the use the Internet, and the Internet says you -- yes you -- can get a permit to hunt moose as close as Vermont. This year's Moose Lottery is over, but you can apply as a nonresident next year for $25. We could finally win something!

Grammin': Mr. and Mrs. Ross Jr. Go to India

Pay special attention to the route below:

We are on our way! #Lex+Chi+Munich=India

A photo posted by @therealrobbieross on

I'm pretty committed to weirdness, but even I can't make up "Lex+Chi+Munich=India. "it's sort of blowing my mind.

Anyhow maybe they understand something I don't:

We'll see.

Blake Aubry Swihart Media of the Week

Pay attention to the outfit, as if it's possible not to.

This is gonna be a good #content engine for this column. But now, a word from our sponsor.

Koji Uehara Premium Malts Retweet of the Week

Per Bing Translation:

"Evolved, the finest flavor and aroma. "Premol at Diamond malt increased further realize"full-bodied"! In addition, new commercial currently airing! Do not miss also. Introduction to advertising

Diamond Malt or GTFO. Just kidding, I'll drink anything.

Checking in on Ryan Hanigan

The Twitter account for @RyanHanigan, while unverified, very much seems to belong to Ryan Hanigan. What's he up to these days?


Good man.

Quick Hits

Wrap It Up, B

Great stuff.

Compiled by @bryanjoiner