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The Week on Red Sox Twitter: Blake Swihart's new puppy, Big Air Fenway, and new caps

Plus, a new Rihanna album, all on the WORST

As always, these are tweets or retweets from Red Sox players or administrators from the past week.

Big air at Fenway

Grab your board, Wally:

New gear alert!

This was covered yesterday, but I've always loved the red caps, and the patch is pretty sweet:

New music alert!

Earlier this week, Travis Shaw was in a hopeless place...

... but Roc Nation's Rusney Castillo has him covered:

Blake Swihart puppy of the week

Meet Apollo!

Newest addition to the family! Everyone meet Apollo!! #xlbullypuppy

A photo posted by blakeswihart_1 (@blakeswihart_1) on

Cannot unsee

Thanks to Robbie Ross for this RT, which will appeal to movie fans of a certain age:

One of these is not like the others

That de-escalated quickly:

The big finish

We're getting close!

Compiled by @bryanjoiner