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The Red Sox new spring training uniforms are out (and mostly great)

The hat is awesome. The jersey maybe doesn't go perfectly with the hat.

Major League Baseball unveiled fancy new spring training jerseys and hats for all 30 clubs on Thursday, and while there are a few clunkers in there, there are also some sharp-looking uniforms that could probably stand to be in the regular season rotation, if not a team's actual, standard uniform.

The Red Sox are sort of in that last cap, at least with their hat, which plays on the 1970s color scheme y'all remember most fondly from the 1975 World Series team:

I'm not a fan of the gigantic spring training patch on the side, but that would be removed were this the regular season hat, anyway. Why can't y'all wear this as your standard hat, Sox?

The jersey is fine on its own, but in conjunction with the hat, this is a whole lot of red we're talking about:

(You might have to wait for the Sox jersey to roll around, but MLB doesn't have a story up with a photo to isolate yet like they did for the hats, so this is what's available.)

The Red Sox jersey is fine! The Sox have a red jersey already that they wear on Fridays, even. But with the red hat, it's a little much. Now, if we could just get them to combine the above hat with their regular jerseys -- maybe change the piping on those if it still is feeling a little red -- then baby, you've got a regular season uniform going.

What do you think? Keep this look in the spring, or should the Sox take a tip from their pre-season designs? I'll admit I just get weird about too much of the same color in some uniform designs, so maybe the red-on-red is just a me thing. It can certainly work for some uniforms -- Padres' browns, I'm looking at you -- but I do love the classic Sox jersey in its home-white glory.

For a look at all that went into these and the other 29 designs, has you covered.