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Red Sox players and coaches had a lip sync battle and there's video

It's Carl Willis vs. Hanley Ramirez and more, in the ultimate duel.

The Red Sox recently hosted their Winter Weekend, and while it had your standard events like awards and dinner and all that happy stuff, it also had a lip sync battle. Between Red Sox players and Red Sox coaches.

Basically, if you for some reason ever wanted to see Carl Willis lead a lip sync rendition of "Uptown Girl" well then this video is for your very specific tastes.

Don't sleep on Ruben Amaro, either, who is behind Willis dancing. Amaro as a coach is already paying dividends.

And okay, maybe you're mad at Hanley Ramirez because of his 2015, but he is apologizing to you before games are played by countering Willis and Co. with a lip synced "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. While Joe Kelly and Henry Owens and more are sitting and lip syncing on the stage, Hanley is out there on the floor, among the people, working it. Someone has to put the battle in lip sync battle, you know.