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The Week on Red Sox Twitter: Brock's got jokes and someone's dog needs ACL surgery

Also, a penis train.

Pitcher, inventor, David Bowie fan.
Pitcher, inventor, David Bowie fan.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

David Price is ready for the snow

The first appearance of the $200 million arm might be sooner than expected:

Which only makes me think of this:


Brock Holt got into the #MyJokeForJimmy, a yuk-yuk session to benefit the Jimmy Fund:

I rate that joke 6/10, would hire for parties.

Speaking of parties

The Red Sox know what's up, unlike a certain website editor:

This is just the greatest

The Papi/Torii friendship is real, and funny.

RIP, Frank Sullivan

The Red Sox media manager chimes in on the loss of an Olde Sox:

Great stuff from Joe Kelly

First, a vote for the hair:

Second, what?

Honk's got ideas

Henry Owens' mind does more before breakfast than yours does all day.

The big finish

Penis train? Penis train!

Stay warm, everyone.

Compiled by @bryanjoiner