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Yankees will honor David Ortiz in Red Sox last trip to New York

Big Papi's last visit to Yankee Stadium will be a memorable one.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The 2016 season will be David Ortiz's last in the majors. The Red Sox legend is set to retire, and like with Yankees' stars Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, who were honored in Boston on their last trips there, Ortiz will get some special treatment in New York in his final trip to Yankee Stadium.

The what isn't known just yet, with Hal Steinbrenner mostly saying they plan to do something:

"I am sure we’re going to do something. We have not formally, minute by minute, figured out exactly what we’re going to do yet. He’s a great player, great part of that franchise. Everything you like to see in a player."

It should be a friendly event, as Rivera's and Jeter's were. Jeter received a piece of the Green Monster, a sign that said "R2SPECT", and got a goodbye from more than just the current Sox roster, with legends like Carl Yastrzemski and Jim Rice, as well as Bruins' legend Bobby Orr, paying their respects, too. Or R2SPECTS. Whichever.

Rivera listened to the Boston Cello Quartet play Metallica's "Enter Sandman", received a painting of himself, the number 42 from the scoreboard on the Green Monster, a pitching rubber, and an original Fenway seat. He also had to watch a montage from his blown save in the 2004 ALCS that started the Red Sox off on their way to their first World Series since 1986, but hey: Rivera enjoyed the rib, and the crowd treated him as he deserved. You can imagine Yankees fans, for all their differences with Sox fans over the years, will be willing to do the same for Big Papi.

The Red Sox and Ortiz will visit Yankee Stadium on September 27 through the 29.