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The Week on Red Sox Twitter: Fire up the party chat with David Price

Also, Henry Owens gets down, and we have an update on The Premium Malt's. It's the Week on Red Sox Twitter!

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

No time for silly talk! Let's get into it.

This really has everything

Phenomenal execution here, universe, and for the record, I would attend this party:

Honk if you're hunky

I don't know what HONK is up to here, but it's cool with me.

The struggle is real

We'll need to check your (Baseball-) references, sir.

You may not have it

I like David Price. You like David Price. I do not want David Price to have a milkshake machine at his house.

Come for the adorable children, stay for the disturbing doll head

Can't be unseen.

This was -- by far -- the most popular Red Sox tweet of the week, though all of numbers 2 to like 11 belong to Koji:

I did too.

Why, do you need a loan?

$217 million not enough for your milkshake machine?

David Ortiz is not messing around

But did he ever?

Koji Uehara The Premium Malt's Correction of the Week:

Each week -- except, mysteriously, for this week -- Koji Uehara tweets twice about the beer this column misidentified as 'The Premium Malts' last week. Friend of the program Nate T. -- or N. Tenczar, take your pick, correctly punctuates it here:

I went to the beer's official page, and sure enough:

This is the greatest beer in the world.

It's not the Rock, it's the Roc

Rusney's pulling people into the 40/40 club:

The big finish:

T-Shaw plays the game the right way.

Until next week, friends!

Compiled by @bryanjoiner, who is a good man, and thorough,