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Red Sox release 2016 schedule

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The schedule is out! (Photo unrelated, but I really wanted to use it)

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox have released their schedule for the 2016 season, opening on the road in Cleveland on April fourth and opening Fenway Park on the eleventh against Baltimore.

As is now the custom, the Red Sox will start their interleague schedule with a home-and-away—or in this case away-and-home series against the Atlanta Braves on the 25th, with the final game in a National League park coming on September seventh against San Diego.

They'll follow with seven straight series against AL East opponents to end the year. If, indeed, the Sox are contenders, and the division is in play, it could come down to the last week, as the Sox go to New York to face the Yankees before returning home to close out the season against Toronto.

For those interested in the usual high/lowlights:

New York Yankees series:

At home from April 29-May 1, August 9-11, September 15-18
On the road from May 6-8, July 15-17, September 27-29

West Coast trips:

July 28-August 7 (vs. LAA, SEA, LAD)
September 2-7 (vs. OAK, SD)

There's a long way to go before April 4, including a few last weeks of a season that has, in some respects, been over for months. But at least the way the Red Sox are playing these days, with a little help from a productive offseason, it's very much something to look forward to