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Daily Red Sox Links: Rick Porcello, David Ortiz, Rich Hill

Today's links look at the Red Sox's slim playoff chances, reasons for this team not to bunt, and the upcoming six-man rotation.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox aren't going to make the playoffs. But they have people believing they can, which is pretty amazing in its own right. (Jen McCaffrey;

Rick Porcello continutes his upward climb. (Julian Benbow; Boston Globe)

Torey Lovullo is firmly on team No Bunts. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

This weekend was a reminder that David Ortiz is not a young man anymore. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)

The Red Sox are waiting on one more player before announcing their six-man rotation. (Jimmy Toscano; CSN New England)

Rich Hill is coming back! (Rob Bradford;