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Red Sox 9, Phillies 2: Miley goes the distance

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Wade Miley was on point Saturday afternoon, keeping the Phillies in check for nine innings as the Red Sox won in a rout.

Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

Wade Miley finished what he started Saturday afternoon, holding the Phillies to just two runs on five hits in a 9-2 complete game victory.

This was a game decided in one inning. The first three frames did do a decent job of hinting at what was to come, with Wade Miley mostly cruising as Alec Asher gave up a few baserunners and decent contact, even if neither team was scoring.

Then came the fourth. Miley continued as before, getting the Phillies 1-2-3 and preserving what was, as the time, a perfect game. Asher...not so much. David Ortiz led off the inning with a single, then moved to third and scored on base hits from Rusney Castillo and Blake Swihart. The carousel continued as Josh Rutledge produced the fourth hit of the frame, and Jackie Bradley Jr. finally brought a big hit by doubling to right, bringing home both Castillo and Swihart.

Now down 3-0, with two men in scoring position and a 2-for-2 Mookie Betts up to bat, Asher gave the young center fielder little to hit, loading the bases on a five-pitch walk. The Phillies finally got their second out of the inning when Brock Holt grounded out to second, Cesar Hernandez coming home to keep the run from scoring, but Xander Bogaerts caught a slider and drove it into right field for a bases-clearing double, then scored himself when the throw home was wild, getting all the way to the backstop to produce a little league grand slam.

The rout was on, and Jerome Williams didn't make it much better, letting David Ortiz go deep for the 30th time this season on his third pitch of the game. 8-0.

Wade Miley did not complete his perfect game, or even come particularly close. After a long wait in the fourth, he started out the fifth by surrendering a single and double to Jeff Francoeur and Darnell Sweeney respectively. He nearly escaped unharmed, getting Andres Blanco and Darin Ruf, but Carlos Ruiz singled to break up his shutout, putting the Phillies on the board with a pair of runs.

That, however, was it. Miley gave up a leadoff double in the sixth, then proceeded to lock it down, allowing the Phillies pretty much nothing for the rest of the game. The Red Sox tacked on a run in the eighth, with Bradley and Betts setting up Bogaerts for an RBI groundout, but that would only have mattered if the Red Sox bullpen was set to enter the game, and that never happened. Miley closed out the ninth without danger, keeping the relievers out of the picture and ensuring a calm end to things.