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Daily Red Sox Links: Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley, Anderson Espinoza

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Today's links look at the team's improvement since the trade deadline, the merits of "the closer mentality" and some scouting reports from Greenville.

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Alex Skillin looks at some mechanical changes that have led to an improved Xander Bogaerts in 2015. (Alex Skillin; BP Boston)

Is this the real Jackie Bradley? (Rob Bradford;

It's not just Bradley and Bogaerts. The team as a whole has looked great since the trade deadline. (Christopher Smith;

Does the theory that closers need a special mentality have any merit? (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

Alex Speier looks at Anderson Espinoza's rapid rise to A-ball. (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

Ben Cherington isn't actively looking for a new job at the moment. (Craig Calcaterra; Hardball Talk)

Greenville's roster is stacked, and that can bring some of the shine off some of the second-tier prospects on the team. Here are a few scouting reports. (Chris Hatfield; Sox Prospects)

Curt Schilling got himself into a bit of trouble with a dumb tweet last week, and won't be on ESPN for the rest of the season. (Chris Mason; Boston Herald)