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Don Orsillo reportedly succeeding Dick Enberg as Padres' broadcaster

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The longtime NESN broadcaster will head west for 2016

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox and NESN are parting ways with beloved broadcaster Don Orsillo following the 2015 season, but that doesn't mean Orsillo is leaving baseball. Instead, it appears as if Orsillo already has a job lined up that will be announced next week once he's officially finished in Boston: Orsillo is expected to take over for the retiring Dick Enberg in San Diego as the Padres' new play-by-play announcer.

Enberg isn't actually leaving until after 2016, but he is already working a reduced schedule and will continue to do so. This will give Orsillo a chance to transition into the broadcast before fully taking over in time for the 2017 season.

This is great news for Orsillo, and it's also wonderful that he will bounce back from being dismissed by NESN so quickly -- and let's make sure not to forget that parting ways with Orsillo was NESN's call, and not a mutual decision despite what they wanted people to believe. It's also wonderful news for Padres' fans, who will now get to hear Orsillo work with the also wonderful Mark Grant as the two develop a relationship that will likely draw plenty of late-night viewings from east coasters looking for something to watch.

Vin Scully isn't going to announce forever, you know: someone will have to fill that void once he retires, and if the Padres manage to field a competitive team, they and Orsillo could be the ones to do so.

It's also great news for the author you're reading right now, as this guy moonlights as a Padres' fan. Different leagues, different coasts: it works, okay? Considering I still get to hear Orsillo call my team's games, none of y'all are in a position to argue with this.