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Red Sox 2, Rays 5: So much for that

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The Red Sox tried for third, and ended up in fifth.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Well, it was nice while it lasted. The Red Sox were out of the cellar for a brief, less-than-glorious moment. And then, on a day where they had hope of reaching third place, they fell right back into fifth.

So how did the Sox find their way back down to the bottom? Perhaps with a Henry Owens start that went just a bit too long, but more than that, with an offense that wasn't up for the late-inning heroics that yesterday's managed. Really, though, it wasn't the entirety of the lineup, just the back end. The first five guys up did mostly good work, as evidenced by the one inning the Red Sox managed to put runs on the board: the first. Mookie Betts led off the frame with his 37th double of 2015, with walks from Xander Bogaerts and David Ortiz loading the bases and putting Matt Moore on the ropes early. When Travis Shaw got the Red Sox on the board with a base-hit to right, it seemed like this one might get away from the Rays in the hurry.

And then came the bottom half of the lineup. Strikeout Castillo, strikeout Swihart, inning over.

That was it for Boston's offense. Not in threats, mind. Mookie Betts gave the Red Sox a baserunner in the second, and both Xander Bogaerts and Travis Shaw reached in the third. But with Bogaerts on second, David Ortiz' broken bat flare to left was caught by Brandon Guyer, going into a slide to grab the sinking liner and doubling Bogaerts off of second, taking all the bite out of the inning.

For a while, though, it looked like those two runs would be enough. Twelve Rays took the plate against Henry Owens, and twelve Rays sat down. It wasn't until the fifth that Logan Forsythe picked up the first hit for Tampa Bay, but with that going for two bases and coming in the first at bat of the inning, the Rays needed only a little small ball to cut Boston's lead to one.

That lead quickly went away in the sixth, as Owens struggled through one of his bouts of wildness. Walking Richie Shaffer and hitting Brandon Guyer, Owens set up the scoring opportunity for the Rays, but managed to survive a Mikie Mahtook single without seeing any runs come in. It did load the bases, however, and Evan Longoria managed to bring the tying run home on a sacrifice fly, with the go-ahead run coming in as Mookie Betts' throw sailed high over Swihart at home.

Still, Owens' pitch count was low, giving Torey Lovullo reason to use him into the eighth, where the game got completely away from him in a hurry, as Guyer led off the frame with a double, and scored as Mahtook followed a curveball to the bottom of the zone and launched it over the Monster to make it a commanding 5-2 lead. Xander Bogaerts ran into another out in the eighth, and after Travis Shaw led off the ninth with a walk, the bottom of the lineup struck again, with Castillo, Swihart, and Marrero going in order to end the game.