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Red Sox vs. Mets lineups: Welcome to Crazy Town

Population: Lovullo? Dombrowski? I really don't know, but someone's wires are all crossed up.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

I just don't understand...

Mookie Betts - CF Juan Lagares - CF
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Curtis Granderson - RF
Xander Bogaerts - SS David Wright - 3B
David Ortiz - 1B Daniel Murphy - 1B
Brock Holt - 2B Michael Cuddyer - LF
Rusney Castillo - RF Juan Uribe - 2B
Blake Swihart - C Ruben Tejada - SS
Alejandro De Aza - LF Anthony Recker - C
Wade Miley - LHP Noah Syndergaard - RHP

Man, just when I was coming to terms with the Hanley Ramirez situation, with the Red Sox committing to moving him into the infield (or to another team) in 2016...We get two straight starts from Alejandro De Aza, sapping playing time from both Bradley and Castillo now. It's just baffling.

There's some consideration to be given to the fact that we've got a new regime in place. Dave Dombrowski is not the one, after all, who both failed to trade De Aza in July, and then benched him for a month, ensuring there was no chance to build value before the waiver trade deadline. I really can't think of any logical justification for that course of action, but I guess we also don't really have to anymore.

That it doesn't make any sense, though, doesn't do anything to change the fact that it happened. Alejandro De Aza was not traded at the height of his (admittedly limited) value back in July, and he hasn't played since. The damage to his value has been done, and there's nothing that a few games in late August will do to change that. He may well get traded tonight or tomorrow, but he could hit 4 homers today and it wouldn't change the realistic asking price. The value to the Red Sox of De Aza making this start today is nil.

The value of a start today (and yesterday) for Jackie Bradley Jr. and Rusney Castillo? Not huge. This is all quibbling over small margins. But they're margins the Red Sox have no reason not to take at this--or, indeed, any--point. If I offer you a quarter or a nickel, do you take the nickel? No, you take the damn quarter. It might not make a real difference to you, but the quarter is strictly better. And if someone took the nickel, it'd call into question their ability to make more important financial decisions down the road.

It's the smallest, but most obvious things that really get to ya.

First pitch is at 1:10 p.m. ET with broadcasts on NESN, WEEI, and TBS.