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NESN reportedly parting ways with Red Sox announcer Don Orsillo

NESN has some explaining to do if they're getting rid of a fan favorite and industry standout.

Gail Oskin/Getty Images

Don Orsillo is a fantastic baseball announcer to the point that it's amazing that he hasn't left NESN and the Red Sox for a cushier, better-paying national gig yet. He'll have that chance now whether he wants it or not, as NESN is reportedly set to part ways with Orsillo after the 2015 season, according to WEEI's Dennis and Callahan.

Orsillo is a Massachusetts' native who has been the play-by-play announcer for the Red Sox since 2001 -- that's longer than John Henry has owned the Red Sox. His apparent friendship and on-screen repartee with former Red Sox second baseman and current color commentator Jerry Remy has led to some of the most memorable broadcasting moments in Sox history, whether they be for serious events or because a fan decided it was time to throw their pizza. Splitting them up is a loss for NESN viewers, and NESN is going to need to have a worthwhile explanation as to why they are splitting with Orsillo.

This is still just in the "reportedly" stage, but you probably need some consolation, so let's just sit here and watch this on repeat until more information is released.