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Red Sox vs. Royals lineups: An odd sort of stability

The Red Sox seem to be settling into a routine. A weird routine. But a routine.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox are out to make it three straight and a series win over the Royals Saturday night behind Matt Barnes.

Alcides Escobar - SS Mookie Betts - CF
Ben Zobrist - LF Pablo Sandoval - 3B
Lorenzo Cain - CF Xander Bogaerts - SS
Eric Hosmer - 1B David Ortiz - DH
Kendrys Morales - DH Travis Shaw - 1B
Mike Moustakas - 3B Hanley Ramirez - LF
Salvador Perez - C Brock Holt - 2B
Alex Rios - RF Blake Swihart - C
Omar Infante - 2B Jackie Bradley - RF
Yordano Ventura - RHP Matt Barnes - RHP

Is this the Red Sox lineup, more-or-less, as we will know it for the rest of the year? Is Pablo Sandoval just the #2 hitter now? Is Travis Shaw #5 unless things go suddenly wrong?

Obviously any given day will bring changes. Every one of them, in fact, given the...unfortunate Castillo - Bradley situation that Hanley Ramirez' presence perpetuates. But on the whole, at least if this last week is any indication, it could certainly be worse. This lineup has actually proven entertaining--successful, even!--and if it's not optimal in terms of production, experience, or information, I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

First pitch is at 7:10 p.m. ET with broadcasts on NESN and WEEI.