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Terry Francona gives Don Orsillo the finger

This is a thing that happened. On television.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

All was going well Wednesday night in Fenway Park. The Red Sox were (at the time) cruising against the Indians, ahead 6-1. The homers were flying, the fans both at the game and at home were getting to see a Sox team suddenly filled with interesting young players fire on all cylinders.

The fans at home, however, were also enjoying Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy telling Terry Francona stories And, eventually, it got around to Orsillo (playfully) calling Terry Francona a child. Apparently, this did not escape Francona's notice, and the Cleveland manager decided he would send a little message Don Orsillo's way:

[Editor's Note, 8/27: NESN took down that video, because firing Don Orsillo apparently wasn't enough damage on its own. Luckily, this screencap of the action in question lives on.]

First off, all thanks to patron saint of videos and GIFs Joon Lee.

Second off, it may look innocuous. Maybe he really is just scratching or something. Maybe it's all just a coincidence.

Nope. Terry Francona has spent plenty of time in Fenway Park, both as the home and now away manager. He knows where those cameras are. He's talked into them plenty of times before. And I guarantee you there was a NESN feed in the clubhouse, and whether he hear it happening himself at one point, or just had the message relayed, he knew.

Just another great Francona story to trot out the next time he's in town. It's a wonderful, wonderful cycle.