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Watch Dave Dombrowski's introductory Red Sox press conference live

Dave Dombrowski's introduction is happening on Wednesday afternoon, and you can watch it here.

The Red Sox will officially introduce Dave Dombrowski as the president of baseball operations on Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm eastern. You can watch the presser live, thanks to a little thing called embeddable streaming video.

Dombrowski has his work cut out for him as the new lead executive in the organization. While former general manager Ben Cherington left Dombrowski with a stocked farm system, strong core, and plenty of big-league youth, there are also holes to be filled and positions to be sorted out. Cherington will stick around to help with Dombrowski's transition for a time, but make no mistake: this is Dombrowski's team now, even after he eventually hires a replacement for Cherington.

Dombrowski formerly worked with Red Sox owner John Henry back on the then-Florida Marlins. That was lifetimes ago in baseball years, given the changes in the game and its structures since, but that relationship likely helped convince Dombrowski to choose Boston over the other suitors in Washington, Toronto, and Seattle.