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Daily Red Sox Links: John Farrell, Jackie Bradley, Rick Porcello

Today's links look at the fallout from the John Farrell announcement, how to fix the defense, and Garin Cecchini's road to the majors.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia shared their shock and support following John Farrell's announcement that he will be undergoing treatment for lymphoma. (Chris Greenberg;

In the wake of the announcement, the team has reshuffled its coaching staff. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

Jackie Bradley had himself quite the weekend. (Scott Lauber; Boston Herald)

The offensive turnaround can be attributed to new mechanics. (Wayne Epps Jr., Boston Globe)

How can the Red Sox improve their team defense? (Matt Kory; BP Boston)

The front office may regret not being more aggressive in the Nelson Cruz sweepstakes. (John Tomase;

Garin Cecchini has had a strange up-and-down road through professional ball. (Christopher Smith;

Rick Porcello's rehab start was cut short due to rain, but he was still happy with what he did when he was on the mound. (Jimmy Toscano; CSN New England)

It appears first-round pick Andrew Benintendi is heading to Greenville. (Ryan Hannable;